Nature's Touch Taxidermy Products


Laugh your tail off with TURDEE the thirty pointer. Crack up over this unique Adult hunting comedy. Be the hit of deer camp this year. Rated for mature audiences. Bonus footage of the doe-coy in action.

Ultimate European Skull Mount Instructional DVD

Learn step-by-step by Master Taxidermist, Don Rich, how to create your own European Skull Mount for under $5.00 in material cost.

Ultimate Antler Repair Kit with Instructional DVD

Learn step-by-step instructions on how to repair broken tines. Great for the shed hunter to wipe out chewed sheds. Enough antler repair compound and stain to fix up to twelve inches of missing tines.

Deer Butt Bottle Opener

$150 (with a set of nuts $170)
You will be the life of the party with this bottle opener! Great conversation piece and fits in well at deer camp.

Hunting Squirrel

A perfect gift for the Outdoorsmen who has everything.